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Are Chinch Bugs taking over your home?

New Non-Toxic, Odorless Powder Discovered That Literally Shreds Chinch Bugs From The Inside-Out  – And The Best Part – It’s Totally Safe For Your Family and Pets!!

Kill Your Chinch Bug Problem And Create A Protective Barrier For Your Yard At The Same Time Guaranteed!! 

You’ve done everything right, but you still have Chinch bugs...

Dear Friend,

You have realized Chinch Bugs have invaded your yard, and you are horrified. The thought of chinch bugs creeping around in your yard is completely unnerving. You work hard to keep your yard healthy and attractive, you make sure you're doing everything to make it beautiful.

I know how frustrating it can be.  You work very hard to keep a beautiful lawn.  Something to be proud of when people pass by your house.  Curb appeal is very important to the value of your home.  What can you do when Chinch Bugs destroy your lawn?

It's happened to many homeowners.  Chinch Bugs are considered to be the worst lawn pest and they are very difficult to get rid of.  If Chinch Bugs do invade your yard, don't panic.  We can help!

Knowing Your Enemy – A Little About Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are comprised of three different species within the Lygaeidae family. They have piercing-sucking mouthparts that they use to feed on the sap of grass plants. They reside in the thatch area of the turfgrass stand and they prefer to feed on the lower leaf sheath and crown area of the plant. The chinch bug is one of the major insect pests on home lawns throughout the country.

The chinch bug inserts its straw-like mouthparts into the plant tissue and sucks out the plant juices while injecting chemicals into the plant which clog the vascular system. The area around the feeding puncture usually turns yellow. Damaged areas first appear as small, irregular patches which enlarge as the insects spread. Chinch bugs are most damaging in open, sunny areas.

Chinch bugs spend the winter as adults in partially protected areas (under shrubs or around foundations of houses). As the weather warms in the spring, adults move into open areas, where females begin laying eggs. Fifteen to 20 eggs per day are deposited for two to three weeks. The eggs hatch in one to two weeks, and the nymphs begin to suck the juices from host plants. It takes 30-90 days to reach adulthood. There are two generations per year, with a partial third generation in unusually warm summers. There is considerable overlap of generations, and all stages can be found during the summer.

You Know You Have An Chinch Bug Problem…
What Are Your Options?

Until now, there have been several options that have been available to help get rid of chinch bugs, but, they all have drawbacks and disadvantages. 

Harsh Chemical Lawn Pesticides

There are many chinch bug pesticides available today that are typically Pyrethrins (Piperonyl Butoxide) based.  This chemical has positive effects in killing chinch bugs.  But, it is also extremely dangerous for your children and pets (especially cats).  It also leaves a nasty residue on wherever it’s sprayed or applied.  Further, the EPA reviewed this chemical insecticide and categorized it as a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP).  It is true that it will kill most most, but at a high price to your family’s and pets safety.  Ultimately, spray insecticides often do more harm than good to your lawn:

The fumes make it hard for you to breathe, cause headaches, and your lawn can be burned brown or black which is worse than having the Chinch Bugs in the first place.

Baits and Traps

Baits and traps are ineffective because, while they may trap some, you are missing the majority of chinch bugs.   Chinch bugs cannot be baited because they are foragers—they simply wander until they come across food, which is why baited traps are useless. And, as with spray insecticides, you are risking poisoning your children and pets.

Professional Chinch Bug Exterminators

Extermination companies are an option that works to kill chinch bugs.  But, there are several drawbacks to this option as well.  Most chinch bug exterminators rely on even more powerful and potentially dangerous chemicals while practicing their craft.  Moreover, the chemicals they use can’t even be purchased without a restriction EPA license.  That means the EPA doesn’t allow non-licensed people buy it publically.  That has to tell you something.  Further, these services are very expensive and often require a service agreement for 1-2 years. 

Home Made Chinch Bug Remedies

Homemade chinch bug remedies are a dime a dozen.  This option is a “word of mouth” thing where people are out on the internet saying that if you mix this much of this with that much of that…you can kill chinch bugs.  I would say that some truly work to “deter” chinch bugs, but don’t always kill them.  In addition, as I have seen, some of these recipes actually attract more chinch bugs. 

There is a solution!

This magic powder is real, and you can achieve all of these wonderful things and more with NEW Chinch Guard Chinch Bug Killer. Chinch Guard is an innovative, effective, and safe way to eliminate chinch bugs for good!

How Does Chinch Guard Work?

Chinch Guard works unlike any other product on the market today.

To chinch bugs, Shredder is a deadly powder with microscopic jagged edges. When chinch bugs eat Chinch Guard, the specially formulated razor-sharp edges act like tiny knives slashing, slicing, and shredding their insides. Because Chinch Guard kills the chinch bugs physically, instead of chemically, they cannot become immune to it, which is what happens with pesticides that use toxic poison.

Although Chinch Guard is lethal to Chinch Bugs, it is completely safe for humans and pets because the sharp edges are too tiny to harm anything other than chinch bugs. In fact, farmers have used the ingredients in Chinch Guard for years.

Our revolutionary no-breed formula ensures that the chinch bug’s offspring and eggs do not survive, so you will not have to fight a whole new generation of chinch bugs in the weeks to come.  When chinch bugs pick up Chinch Guard, they are sealing their doom.  Chinch Guard begins to work immediately.  What's more impressive is that as other chinch bugs come into contact with each other, they pass it along killing them more quickly. 

Here’s What Chinch Guard Won't Do:

Chinch Guard won’t leave a sticky residue for you to clean up
Chinch Guard won’t burn your yard
Chinch Guard won’t poison you, your family, or your pets
Chinch Guard won’t leave you with a lingering chemical odor
Chinch Guard won't harm to the environment
Chinch Guard won’t create fumes, cause headaches, or worsen breathing problems


We Are So Sure Chinch Guard Will Solve Your Chinch
Bug Problem That We Guarantee It!!!



Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like Without Chinch Bugs

 What would you say if I told you that Chinch Guard would eliminate your
chinch bug problem for good
?  You sprinkle it, forget about it, and move on to more important things, like spending time with family and friends.  Life returns to normal. It is as if the chinch bugs had never come in the first place.  There will be no residue and no cloud of fumes to remind you that there was ever a problem!  You will have your yard back to enjoy and be proud of.

You are no longer concerned about the health of your family or pets. Your children can stretch out on your lawn without picking up chinch bug germs, bacteria, or poisonous insecticide. You can relax.

"Chinch Guard Is The Only Chinch Bug Control Product That Effectively Eliminates Chinch Bugs From Your Home Without Poisoning Your Family Or Pets."

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It’s Time To Take Your Yard Back!

Experts have proven Chinch Guard works. It only makes sense that Chinch Guard is the solution to your Chinch Bug problem.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience using Chinch Guard:

Your yard will be spotless, Chinch-Bug-Free, and inviting.
You will save hundreds of dollars on ineffective pesticides.
Your will have your curb appeal back.
You will be able to focus on keeping your yard beautiful without the worry of Chinch Bugs.
 You, your family, and your pets will be healthier.


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